Everything you ever wanted to know about Bootstrap Customizer...

I love Bootstrap v4 but miss the online customizer that was available for Bootstrap v3.

Maybe one day the Bootstrap team will make a v4 customizer available but in the mean time I created Bootstrap Customizer for myself and others that like the convenience of an online tool.

Bootstrap Customizer is simply a web form with Bootstrap Sass variables, and compiles these into a Bootstrap CSS file.

Customizations are stored to a database so you can return to make adjustments. The return URL is provided in the CSS file.

Bootstrap Customizer is currently Alpha, and I plan to add some features as time allows:

  • Option to exclude Bootstrap v4 components and features
  • CSS minification

Update: As of Bootstrap v4.1.2 you now have the option to migrate your customizations to later versions.

Update Oct 2018: The previous version of this website was written in PHP, but due to issues with Autoprefixer, I've re-written in C# .NET.

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